Window Cleaning

Window cleaning in Bath

Window cleaning in Bath

Graham’s Cleaning Services are experts in window cleaning in Bath and the surrounding area using both traditional methods as well as the more modern pure water Reach & Wash technique.

We have been cleaning windows using traditional methods since the business was founded in 1978. The equipment and detergent used today ensures that your windows are left dry and gleaming and achieve much better results than in the past.  The benefits of traditional window cleaning include:

  • environmentally friendly detergents
  • clean and tidy method for cleaning the inside of windows
  • ideal for removal of hand prints and other difficult residues such as adhesive
  • effective removal of previous cleaning residues, e.g. wax
  • perfect for cleaning windows that have not been cleaned for a long time
  • all window edges will be cleaned and dried, together with the frames and sills

Window cleaning in Bath

Window cleaning in Bath

Contract Window Cleaning in Bath

Our window cleaning services in Bath are available on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to suit our clients’ needs.  Our range of clients include domestic, commercial, retail and the hospitality sector.  All staff are uniformed and compliant with Health & Safety  regulations, and we will ensure that our work is carried out at a time that suits you and causes little or no disturbance to your business.

For all window cleaning enquiries please call Darren on 07989 302299.

Cleaning windows at Height

In addition to traditional window cleaning, Graham’s Cleaning also use the Reach & Wash system which allows us to clean at high levels from the safety of the ground using a water-fed telescopic pole.  The system allows us to clean windows and other smooth surfaces up to 65 feet from the ground without using any chemicals or cleaning agents, and offers several benefits:

  • the Reach & wash system cleans the frames as well as the windows
  • it is completely eco-friendly as only purified deionised water is used in the window cleaning process
  • glass stays cleaner for longer because the water is deionised and has no static charge which means it does not attract dirt
  • meets Health & Safety Working at Height regulations by removing the need to use ladders to reach difficult and high level windows
  • reduced risk of damage to client’s property including areas of grass and plants, and also gutters as no ladders are used
  • roof windows and sky lights can be easily cleaned as well as high level fire exit points: bird mess and fallen leaves are removed making areas safer as well as clean